At Green Heritage we offer a range of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management solutions. From cultural heritage advice to Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) our aim is to inform clients about the specific requirements involved for their project. We work closely with Traditional Owners to ensure Aboriginal heritage values are identified and respected.

Green Heritage provides heritage advice to clients regarding Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) and the requirements of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2007. We have completed Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) for both private and public sector clients on small and large scale developments. We recognise the importance of accurate interpretation of the legislation and information presented plainly but precisely. 

Aboriginal cultural heritage services

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  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs)
  • Cultural Heritage Permits
  • Cultural Heritage Advice  
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Existing Conditions Statements
  • Feasibility, Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Aboriginal Place Inspections
  • Interpretation and Signage
  • All Aboriginal archaeological works required for a project including desktop assessments, survey, excavation and post excavation analysis

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